Who will become Modi's successor in BJP?

Who will become Modi's successor in BJP Navbharat Gold Team aug 26 2023

Recently a survey was conducted regarding the successor of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. image source

​It was asked who is most suitable to succeed PM Modi. image source bccl

Thousands of people had given their opinion about this. image source bccl

In the survey, people voted for Amit Shah, Yogi Adityanath and Nitin Gadkari. image source subscribe to bccl newsletter

​29 percent people have taken the name of Amit shah amit shah. image source bccl

26 percent people chose Yogi Adityanath. image source bccl

While 15 percent people put forward the name of Nitin Gadkari. image source bccl

That means people liked Shah the most as Modi's successor image source bccl

Will Modi be the PM candidate in 2029 also, know on Navbharat Gold. image source bccl click here

Next 26 2023 you can find out more