The priest who got Rekha married was thrown out of the temple

The priest who got Rekha married was thrown out of the temple archana kumari singh Aug 20 2023

Delhi's businessman Mukesh Aggarwal had become crazy about Rekha after meeting her at a party. sourcebccl

Meeting a month ago It was not even a month since the two met that on March 4, 1990, Mukesh reached Rekha's house with Surinder Kaur. sourcebccl

As soon as the marriage proposal went, Mukesh put the proposal of marriage in front of Rekha and because of Surinder, Rekha also agreed. sourcedreamgirlhemamaliniinstagram

Rekha had told about immediate marriage, Mukesh's happiness knew no bounds, he immediately said let's get married now. sourcedreamgirlhemamaliniinstagram

The family of both was not in Mumbai but they decided that the marriage will take place today in any case. Today was Rekha's wedding, for which she was waiting for a long time. sourcebccl

Kanjeevaram saree and jewelry As the evening wore on, Rekha wore her favorite red and golden Kanjeevaram saree with her favorite jewelry. sourcebccl

In search of the temple, Yasir Usman has said in the book written on Rekha that both of them went out in search of the temple in Juhu. sourcebccl

Huge crowd in the temple There was a huge crowd in the ISKCON temple and then their eyes fell on the Mukteshwar Devalaya temple in front of it. sourcebccl

The priests had gone to sleep. It was 10 o'clock in the night and Sanjay, the priest of the temple, had gone to sleep. sourcebccl

Pandit's sleepless Mukesh wakes him up and tells him that he has to get married now. Seeing the front line, Pandit's sleep had disappeared. sourcebccl

Such a big celebrity late at night It is not always that such a big celebrity comes for a wedding in such a late night and that too in a hurry. sourcebccl

Rules were broken that night The rule was that after the Aarti the door of the temple did not open when it was closed but the rules were broken that night. sourcebccl

Although the priest was fired, it is said that because of this mistake, that priest was also fired from the temple. sourcebccl

2 Marriage mantras were recited At 1030 o'clock in the night the marriage mantras were recited and with this Rekha and Mukesh became husband and wife. sourcebccl

Telling the story of the formation of this relationship, Yasir Usman has written that after listening to the taunts of the illegitimate child throughout his childhood, he got what he was looking for since childhood. sourcebccl

Got a legitimate surname Rekha had already got a legitimate surname with this marriage. sourcebccl

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