Too Much Use Of Turmeric Not Good For Health

Turmeric should not be used in excess Healthy Navbharat Gold Team aug 26 2023

Many people use turmeric too much. image source

They feel that the more turmeric they eat, the more they will stay away from many diseases. image source bccl

Turmeric is very hot for the stomach, so it should be eaten or drunk in small quantities. image source bccl

Eating too much turmeric can also cause stomach irritation, swelling and cramps. image source Subscribe to bccl newsletter

Eating turmeric after a limit can cause vomiting and loose motion. image source bccl

Too much use of turmeric can cause problems for your digestion. image source

Excessive consumption of turmeric increases the risk of kidney stones. image source

It contains oxalate calcium which binds instead of dissolving in the body. image source bccl

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