Tejashwi likes Gadkari very much even after being an opponent!

Tejashwi Navbharat Gold Team likes Gadkari very much even after being an opponent Aug 25 2023

RJD's crown prince Tejashwi Yadav likes BJP's Nitin Gadkari a lot. image source bccl

​Tejashwi Yadav got emotional after meeting positively about several projects of Bihar. image source bccl

​Tejashwi Yadav has praised the positive conversation in a public way image source bccl

Which is once again making headlines in the media. image source Subscribe to bccl newsletter

By the way, this is not the first time when Tejashwi Yadav has become a fan of Nitin Gadkari. image source bccl

​On 15 November 2022 too, both were on a dais during the foundation stone laying ceremony of the bridge over Son river in Bihar. image source bccl

Even then Gadkari's behavior had made him his follower. image source bccl

A few days back, Gadkari agreed to Tejashwi's demand in a gathering. image source bccl

Rahul will be able to unite the opposition against BJP, know on Navbharat Gold. image source bccl click here

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