Do not make these mistakes by mistake while putting the phone in charging?

Don't do these mistakes while charging the phone Navbharat Gold Team Aug 25 2023

​Don't make the mistake of putting the phone on charge after taking a bath. image source bccl

Often the hands are not completely dry after bathing, due to which the chances of electrocution increase. image source bccl

Before charging the phone, it is necessary to check the charger whether it is damaged or not. image source bccl

​If the port is damaged and you put the phone on charge, there may be a chance of electrocution. image source subscribe to bccl newsletter

Do not forget to use the mobile phone after putting it on charge. image source bccl

There can be two disadvantages of using mobile after putting the phone on charge. image source bccl

First, the performance of the mobile can be affected, not only this, the phone can also explode. image source bccl

Second disadvantage: You may get electrocuted after putting the phone on charge. image source bccl

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