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World cup india vs pakistan match date changed know when will match by amrendra kumar yadav 02 Aug 2023 1201 pm

World Cup 2023 Preparations for the World Cup 2023 are in full swing. This tournament, to be held in four years, is starting from 5 October.

Hosting India is hosting this tournament this time. For this, an ICC team is inspecting the stadium.

How many teams are taking part 10 teams will take part in this tournament. Based on the performance, 4 teams will play for the semi-finals and then the top two teams will play for the finals.

Mahamuqabala On such occasions, there is a lot of commotion regarding the India vs Pakistan match.

Change in date According to the latest news, the date of the match between India and Pakistan has changed.

With the consent of PCB, the match will now be played on October 14 instead of October 15. PCB ie Pakistan Cricket Board has agreed for this.

The first day of Navratri was done because this day is the first day of Navratri and on this day Navratri is celebrated in Gujarat with whole night Garba dance.

Eagerly waiting: Fans eagerly wait for the India-Pakistan match.

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