Which God is seen in the dream, know its meaning

Which gods are seen in dreams, know its meaning by ashish mishra 05 Aug 2023 1215 pm

Dreaming According to dream science, seeing a dream while sleeping has some meaning or the other. Some are good in this and some are bad. Let us know what is the meaning of the appearance of deities in dreams.

Auspicious sign There are some such things in the dream which are auspicious when seen. While some also depict inauspicious signs.

Maa Durga Seeing Maa Durga in a dream is considered auspicious. If Mata Durga appears in red clothes, it means that all your troubles are about to end.

Seeing Shivling If you see Shivling in your dream then it is an auspicious sign. It means that the fruits of your actions are about to be received.

Lord Vishnu It is auspicious to see Vishnu ji in a dream. It means that you are going to get success soon. Apart from this, love comes in your life.

Seeing Lord Rama If you see Lord Rama in your dream, it means that you should perform your duties properly.

Seeing Krishna ji Seeing Krishna ji in a dream means that love is about to enter your life. Apart from this, you get success in love relationship.

Maa Lakshmi If you see Maa Lakshmi sitting on a lotus in your dream, then it is an auspicious sign. It means that you are going to get the money that has been stuck for many days.

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