Tv's number one actress is Rupali, husband manages the house, this is the reason

TV's number one actress Rupali husband manages the house, this is the reason Photos Instagram 24 August 2023

Rupali Ganguly, who plays the role of Anupama, has made a special place in her house. She is getting immense love from the audience in the role of Anupama, Rupali considers herself lucky.

Before Anupama, Rupali was also well-liked in Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, after the birth of son Rudransh, she took a break of seven years, after which she made a strong comeback on TV.

And now in an interview, she has given the credit of her success to her husband Ashwin. Rupali says that it is because of her husband that she is able to focus on her acting career.

In an interview given to ETimes, Rupali said that she was able to make a comeback on TV because of her husband. There is such a rule in the society that the woman will stay at home and the husband will take care of the outside.

But this rule is not followed in our house, my husband voluntarily decided to stay at home so that I can give time to my career.

I am also very happy to say that my son is very close to his father, he takes full care of him.

The actress says that she is not able to give much time to her son due to her busy shooting schedule and she has some regrets about this.

Please tell that Rupali and Ashwin were married in 2013, after two years of marriage, she gave birth to a son.

Rupali is happy to have an understanding and supportive husband like actress Ashwin. Rupali is also happy in personal life and professional life is also progressing.

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