'Tricolor on moon, congratulations to India but I am upset', Pak actor wrote in pain

Tricolor congratulations to India on moon but I am upset pak actor wrote Dard 24 August 2023 photo source social media

Whether it is about the flood victims or the progress of his country, Pakistani actor Farhan Saeed has always been vocal about his opinion, this time he has said something that has created a sensation in Pakistan.

On August 23, the successful landing of Chandrayaan 3 on the moon in India, on this success of the country, Farhan also started a series of tweets and praised India as well as expressed his pain.

Farhan said that in the 76th year of independence, India reached the moon and here we are getting worried thinking that where is the future of Pakistan, the real reason is that we are not even allowed to talk about our shortcomings.

We are not even allowed to speak on the real issues of Pakistan, those issues which show the real picture of our society are banned, it is termed as a conspiracy here.

There will hardly be any prime time programs that will highlight or talk about the real issues of Pakistan, the real issues of Pakistan like education, feudalism, generation after generation, this list will not end.

Not only this, these people make those spineless leaders sit who shamelessly lie on our face every day, convincing people that it is right to lie, while our anchors also support like idiots.

When you encourage people to work for progress, to move forward truthfully for a cause, as a team, as a country, but instead we are encouraged to fight and conspiracies.

Farhan further said that we are always told that we are in danger, our existence is in danger, so do you know, do you get full marks for hammering this in my mind? Today, being a true Pakistani, I say that I I guess what we're doing just ain't right

People in power decision making establishment I and my whole country urge you please take drastic steps hand over power to people bring justice to society in Pakistan start free and fair elections

The great thing is that the people of Pakistan also agree with this opinion of Farhan, many people including celebrities have shown support by commenting on his tweet.

Farhan Saeed Butt is a 38 years old Pakistani Singer Songwriter and Actor he has worked in many popular Pak Drama Mere Humsafar Udari Suno Chanda

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