Times have changed, film industry has changed, Kajol said

Badal gaya zamana badal film industry kajol boli men par set ab 24 August 2023 photo source Instagram

Bollywood actress Kajol is now more inclined towards OTT platform than big screen actress wants to explore OTT, Kajol said this

Kajol is also planning to play a variety of characters on OTT, breaking many stereotypes, even Kajol has given up her no-kissing policy for OTT content.

Kajol says that more content is being sold on OTT than the big screen, it is quite real, not only this, it is also becoming a platform where women feel more secure.

Men also make women feel comfortable and respect them. Scripts are also being written in the interest of women.

I am very happy with the work that I am getting or being offered to do on OTT, it liberates me a lot as an artist.

I never thought or planned that I would step into the world of OTT from the big screen, but I am enjoying working in this medium.

In today's time, Kajol is being called a transgender, the actress says that she is able to break many norms along with stereotypes on the OTT platform.

The people around her are motivating her to do many different things and if she is able to take up new challenges, it is because of them only.

Kajol says that now more actresses are being offered better roles than actors. The film industry is changing and so are we.

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