This Pakistani cricketer will enter politics, can become cabinet minister

This Pakistani cricketer will enter politics, may become cabinet minister 17 August 2023 Photo source gettytwitter

Political turmoil continues in Pakistan at this time, Anwar ul Haq was sworn in as caretaker Prime Minister a few days ago.

Now former captain Shahid Afridi can also enter Pakistan's caretaker government.

According to sources, the names of 16 people have been shortlisted for the cabinet of the caretaker government.

Shahid Afridi's name is also included in this. Shahid Afridi is likely to be given the post of Federal Minister.

Federal minister's job is to coordinate between the states, it has to be seen whether Afridi fits in this role or not.

Shahid Afridi specializes in making controversial statements against India. Afridi had made controversial tweets in support of Yasin Malik last year.

Talking about the Pakistani team, it has to tour India for the ODI World Cup, during which there is also a match between India and Pakistan in Ahmedabad on October 14.

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