These things weaken the immune system, stay away!

Stay away from these things which weaken the immune system by amrendra kumar yadav 31 Jul 2023 1200 pm

Food The food we eat gives us energy and nutrition which protects our body from diseases.

Caution That's why we should be careful that the food we are eating is beneficial for our health or not.

Consumption of caffeine Excess of caffeine is not right for the body. This weakens immunity. Caffeinated substances should be consumed in limited and balanced amounts.

Eating too much sweets can cause many problems in the body. Sugar in the body goes through tea, coffee, cold drinks etc. Excess of sugar weakens the immunity.

Eating unhygienic food, pungent and spicy food should be avoided as they have an adverse effect on our body. It makes our body cells weak.

Cigarette cigarette addiction is very harmful for the body. It damages our lungs.

Consumption of alcohol makes the body weak. Drinking too much alcohol weakens the bones and weakens the kidneys. This can cause problems like insomnia.

Refined carbs include white bread chips, cornflakes, etc. Immunity becomes weak due to their excessive consumption.

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