These symptoms appear on kidney damage, do not ignore

Don't ignore these symptoms of kidney damage by ashish mishra 31 Jul 2023 0122 pm

Kidney Kidney is an important part of the body. If it stops working, then the functioning of the body starts getting affected. Let us know what are the symptoms seen in the body when it is damaged.

Seeing symptoms When there is kidney damage in the body, many types of symptoms start giving. Ignoring these symptoms can be fatal for the body.

Dry skin kidney plays an important role in making red blood cells. When it is unable to do so, the skin becomes dry and rough.

Swelling near the eyes is caused by excessive amount of protein in the urine which does not accumulate in the kidneys and is excreted through urine. Due to which there may be a problem of swelling around the eye.

Swelling in the feet When the kidney's ability to function decreases, then the problem of swelling in the feet starts due to sodium resistance.

The urge to urinate: If you have the urge to urinate frequently, it could be a sign of kidney damage.

If you do not feel hungry for a long time, then it should not be ignored. Apart from this, loss of appetite can be a sign of kidney failure.

Do not ignore the doctor's advice on the appearance of these symptoms in the body. Take doctor's advice as soon as such symptoms appear in the body.

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