These signs tell that the blessings of Hanuman ji are showering on you.

These signs tell that the blessings of Hanuman ji are showering on you by farhan khan 02 Aug 2023 0441 pm

Hanuman Hanuman ji is known as the supreme devotee of Lord Rama. Tulsidas has given a detailed description of many qualities of Lord Hanuman in Hanuman Chalisa.

Some such signs have been told in Hanuman Chalisa which show that you have special blessings of Hanuman ji.

In such a situation, let us know in detail about these signs so that you too can consider yourself lucky.

Fearless, if there is no fear in your life and you are living life with full truth, then it means that you have the special blessings of Sankatmochan Hanuman ji.

Success When a person is getting success in every work, then it is a sign that Hanuman ji's grace is on you.

Mangal Rekha: If Mangal Rekha is clearly visible on your hand, it means that Bajrangbali is pleased with you.

When this disease or pain happens, the obstacles coming in the works will be removed. No member of the house will have any kind of disease or pain.

Pain of Shani If a person is not affected by any kind of pain of Shani, then it is understood that the special grace of Hanuman ji remains on that person.

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