These marks made on the palm are very inauspicious

These marks made on the palm are extremely inauspicious by farhan khan 06 Aug 2023 0156 pm

Palm line A lot can be known about the future through the lines of the hands, in which the palm line is considered very important.

Inauspicious palmistry is a link of astrology itself. At the same time, there are some lines which are considered inauspicious in our life.

Unfortunately, these lines are such that they tell about the sorrows and sufferings of the life of the person, as well as tell about the misfortune of the person.

Unhealthy If many small lines are cutting the life line of a person, then the health of such people is always weak.

Negativity: He is surrounded by diseases and accidents can also happen to him. These lines cutting the life line bring negativity in a person's life.

Island mark If a person has a mountain or island mark on a line in his palm, then it is considered an indicator of bad luck.

Financial crisis Such a person has to face two to four problems ranging from financial crisis to physical problems.

Ring finger If not one but many horizontal lines on the ring finger, it is also not considered good.

Loss of respect Such lines point towards the troubles of a person's life. This also harms the honor of man.

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