these lines can make you a king

These lines can make you a king to a rank by farhan khan 04 Aug 2023 1108 am

Bad luck line In palmistry, many such lines have been told in the palm that bring bad luck in a person's life.

Let's know these lines make a person from a king to a ruffian. Let us know about these lines in detail.

Rahu Rekha Those who have Rahu Rekha in their hand. Sudden trouble comes in the life of those people. At the same time, there is also an obstacle in auspicious work.

Because of this, the income is less and the expenditure is more. This line starts from the Mount of Mars in the palm and goes towards the head line.

Worry line People who have worry line in their palm. He has health problems. A lot of money is spent on illness.

From where does this line go, starting from the lower part of the thumb, it goes towards the life line.

Transcending lines Those people who have cut and cross lines in their palm, money does not last in their hands either. Apart from this, trouble comes all the time in a person's life.

If the marriage line in the palm is divided into more than one branch and remains cut at many places, then there are many problems in the life of such people after marriage.

Cross If there is a cross mark on Shani mountain in your palm, then understand that you are sure to become a pauper.

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