These face packs will beat the glow of Bollywood beauties

Aug 18 2023 These face packs will beat the glow of Bollywood beauties vanshika saxena

Yogurt Honey Oatmeal Go to your kitchen and mix yogurt honey and oatmeal well and apply it on your face like a face pack. sourcepexels

Aloe vera Aloe vera is no less than a herb for your skin. Start applying aloe vera gel on your face every night before sleeping. sourcepexels

Mixture of yogurt, turmeric, yogurt and turmeric will also prove to be very beneficial for the skin. Your skin will glow just like the celebs. sourcepexels

Homemade face pack made of almond powder and milk will be helpful in increasing the glow of your skin. Due to natural face packs, your skin will be saved from the side effects of chemicals. sourcepexels

Honey Coffee Honey and coffee face pack will add beauty to your skin along with cleansing it. sourcepexels

Using a mixture of yogurt and Multani Mitti, your skin will start glowing like a tubelight. sourcepexels

PapayaLemon Papaya and lemon together can increase the glow of the skin. You have to use this face pack only twice a week. sourcepexels

See the magic in 15 days Let us tell you that within just 15 to 20 days you will start seeing the magical effect of these natural face packs made at home. sourcepexels

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