These dangerous symptoms start appearing due to protein deficiency

These dangerous symptoms appear due to protein deficiency by farhan khan 02 Aug 2023 0343 pm

Protein Proteins are essential macronutrients that are made up of amino acids and are essential for staying healthy.

In such a situation, today we will tell you what kind of symptoms appear when there is a deficiency of vitamins in the body.

Swelling due to protein deficiency, swelling appears on the hands, feet and abdomen. This problem is also called edema.

Mental Health Protein deficiency also affects mental health. Protein deficiency can make you sad or extremely aggressive.

Thin hair Your hair can become thin when there is a lack of protein in the body. The skin may become dry and the nails may have ridges.

Muscles are weak Due to not getting enough protein, the muscles can become weak and you start feeling more tired.

It takes time to heal injury People who are deficient in protein take longer time to heal their body injury or wound.

To meet the deficiency of beans protein, you can consume other types of beans including kidney beans and chickpeas.

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