These Bigg Boss Ott contestants have fees in lakhs

These bigg boss ott contestants have fees in lakhs by shradha upadhyay 02 Aug 2023 1030 am

Bigg Boss OTT 2 These days Bigg Boss OTT 2 is reaching its final stage. In such a situation, the game is becoming interesting every day. Contestants are also engaged in the race to get the trophy.

Contestants Fee Same Do you know the fees of these contestants of Bigg Boss OTT, if not, then let us tell you how much these contestants have charged for this show.

Pooja Bhatt According to reports, Alia Bhatt's sister Pooja Bhatt, who recently entered Bigg Boss, has proved to be the costliest contestant of the show. Pooja has taken Rs 31 lakh for a week.

Elvish Yadav The favorite of the audience and the show, Elvish has taken a fee of Rs 15 to 20 lakhs for the entire show.

Jia Shankar According to media reports, Jia Shankar has charged three lakhs for a week.

Abhishek Malhan It is being told that Abhishek Malhan is taking a fee of 30 thousand rupees for a week.

Jad Hadid Reports say that the dashing boy of the show Jad Hadid charges 40 thousand a day.

Manisha Rani According to sources, comedian Manisha Rani of the show gets a fee of Rs 20,000 a day.

Babika Dhurve According to reports, Babika charges 20 thousand a day.

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