These are the highest budget songs of Bollywood

These are the most high budget songs of Bollywood by akanksha jain 04 Aug 2023 0131 pm

High Budget Songs You must have heard a lot about high budget films, but today we will tell you about high budget songs. Makers have spent money like water to make these songs.

Zinda Banda song Zinda Banda from Shah Rukh Khan starrer film Jawan has been released recently. The makers have spent Rs 15 crore to make this song.

The song Tu Hi Re from the movie Tu Hi Re Robot 20 cost the makers Rs 20 crores. But people did not like this film and this song very much.

The song Ghar More Pardesiya from the film Kalank cost the makers Rs 7 crore. The film did not do much but people liked this song very much.

Party All Night Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha's song Party All Night is also included in this list. It took 6 crore rupees to make this song.

Makers spent money like water in Pushpa's song Oo Antawa. This song is made in 6 crores.

6 crore rupees were spent in making the song Ram Chahe Leela Chahe Ram Leela Ram Chahe Leela Chahe. Priyanka's dance in this song was commendable.

The makers had spent five crore rupees on Sreevalli Pushpa's song Sreevalli. This song was also a big hit.

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