These 7 'crime thriller' series of Netflix made on true events

7 crime thriller series of netflix based on true events by shradha upadhyay 07 Aug 2023 0355 pm

OTT Platform These days, tremendous craze is being seen among the viewers of OTT web series. In such a situation, if you are also fond of crime thriller series, then definitely watch these 7 web series on Netflix.

House of Secret The Burari Death In the year 2018, 11 people of the same family committed suicide in Burari, Delhi. The House of Secret, the Burari Death Series based on this true incident is available on Netflix. In which the reason for their suicide has been mentioned.

This series based on true events filled with Murder in Courtroom crime and thriller will leave you shaken. In this series, several women together kill a man inside the courtroom. The reason for which will be known after watching this series.

Shefali Shah is in the lead role in this series available on Delhi Crime Netflix. In the first season of Delhi Crime, the Nirbhaya case was shown while in the second, the crime of the Kachhabaniyan gang was shown. Both the incidents are real based.

Indian Predator The Diary of a Serial Killer This real life based series of Netflix is ​​very dangerous. The story of one such psycho killer has been shown in the series. The one who committed 40 murders. And after death he used to eat their brains.

Indian Predator The Butcher of Delhi This crime based Dhansu series depicts the tremendous story of dreaded serial killer Chandrakant Jha. This serial killer challenges the Delhi Police to catch half-chopped corpses by sending them.

Jamtara This is a cybercrime based series. In which how people commit cybercrime. It is well shown. After that how does the police reach those people or not.

Khakee The Bihar Chapter This is also a series based on true events. In this, how Chandan Mahato of Bihar emerges from a small village to become a big gangster.

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