These 5 special features of the new Seltos which are not available even in Creta

These 5 special features of seltos which are not available even in creta by aaj tak auto

South Korean car manufacturer Kia has recently unveiled its famous SUV seltos, its official booking has also been started from last July 14 and now its prices are yet to be announced.

But even before the prices of seltos were announced, this SUV has registered tremendous bookings, the company says that within just 24 hours of booking, more than 13000 units have been booked.

At present, hyundai creta is at the forefront of the segment, but in the new seltos, some such features have been given, which you do not even get in the creta, so let's know about those features.

The segment first feature on the Seltos is dualzone climate control. This feature lets you set separate temperature settings for both the driver and co-driver at the same time, giving you added convenience. 1 dualzone climate control

In the new facelift model of seltos, the company has given a 15 liter capacity turbo petrol engine which generates power of 157bhp and torque of 253nm. It should be noted that Hyundai has discontinued the 14 liter turbo petrol engine given in Creta. engine

Kia has tried its best to improve the cabin of the new Seltos and has given a digital instrument cluster. This digital instrument cluster makes it quite premium. This digital instrument cluster with connected display provides more information. 3 digital instrument cluster

The company is also offering 360-degree camera in Seltos facelift, although it used to come in prefacelift model as well, it is not there in Creta and in such a big SUV, 360-degree camera proves to be very useful while parking in tight areas. 4360degree camera

The last feature on the list of adas makes the Kia Seltos facelift better equipped with features like adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, forward collision warning, etc. 5adas

See in the video how special is the new kia seltos facelift click on the link

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