These 2 exercises are best for reducing waist fat

These 2 exercises are best to reduce waist fat by farhan khan 30 jul 2023 0733 pm

Waist fat If you are not able to reduce the waist fat, then there is no need to be disappointed.

Exercise Today we will tell you about 2 such exercises which can reduce your waist by doing them daily for two weeks.

Equipment You do not need any kind of equipment to do these exercises.

Repetitions have to be practiced sitting comfortably. You can increase or decrease its repetitions according to your ability.

Sit comfortably on the first exercise mat. Spread the legs as per your capacity. After this, stretch the hands by bringing them upwards from the front. Trap the hands above.

Further process Now take a long deep breath. Exhaling bend first to the right then to the left. One cycle is completed by bending on both sides, then do it at least 10 to 15 times.

Second exercise To do this exercise, you have to sit on the mat with your legs spread. Take both the hands behind the head.

Further process Take a long deep breath and then while exhaling bend once to the right then to the left. While bending, try to touch your elbow mat.

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