There is delay in getting married, follow these measures

Delay in getting married, follow these remedies by ashish mishra 02 Aug 2023 0800 am

Marriage sometimes gets blamed due to the influence of planets in the horoscope. Because of which boys and girls have to face the problem of delay in marriage. Let us know what are the remedies by which the obstacle of marriage is removed.

The seventh house of a person's horoscope determines the marriage of a person. Venus and Mercury are related to love.

Worship of Lakshmi If you are also facing the problem of delay in marriage, then worship Goddess Lakshmi to avoid it. By doing this the obstacle in marriage can be removed.

Jalabhishek To fulfill your belief, water should be offered on the Shivling of Lord Shiva. With this the problem of delay in marriage can be solved.

Bathing with turmeric The easiest way to get rid of the problem of late marriage is to take a bath with a little turmeric in the water.

Worship of Vishnu Go to Lord Vishnu's temple every Thursday and offer laddoos and seek blessings for getting married soon.

Red clothes Red color clothes should be worn on every Thursday. By doing this the wish is fulfilled. Apart from this, the problem of delay in getting married also goes away.

Monday fast Girls should keep fast on every Monday. Apart from this, milk should be offered to Lord Shiva for a good groom.

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