The secret of Sonam Kapoor's flawless skin is her 9 habits

Aug 24 2023 Sonam Kapoor's flawless skin is the secret of her 9 habits arunima soni

Sonam Kapoor Sonam Kapoor is the mother of one year old son and mommy glow is clearly visible on her face, so let us know what mommy Sonam Kapoor does for her glowing skin. sourcessonamkapoorinstagram

CLASSIC BEAUTY ROUTINE Sonam Kapoor does not believe in any gimmicky beauty routine but believes in a simple CTM routine. sourcessonamkapoorinstagram

Lip Care Sonam likes to apply coconut oil before applying lipstick on the lips to take care of her lips. sourcessonamkapoorinstagram

Along with keeping herself hydrated for glowing skin, Sonam also drinks coconut water. sourcessonamkapoorinstagram

Vitamin C Sonam uses Vitamin C serum everyday to maintain the glow, moisture and elasticity of her skin. sourcessonamkapoorinstagram

Along with the skin for the hair, Sonam takes care of her wavy hair as well, and does everything from champi to applying hair masks, which makes her hair black, thick and long. sourcessonamkapoorinstagram

Face Mask To maintain the glow and shine of the skin, Sonam applies a home made face mask made of gram flour and curd. sourcessonamkapoorinstagram

Never forgets to remove makeup Sonam never forgets to remove her makeup before sleeping, which is the first step of skin care. sourcessonamkapoorinstagram

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