Team India made the lowest score on these occasions

Team India made the lowest score on these occasions by farhan khan 30 Jul 2023 0121 pm

Lowest score Today we will tell you about some such scores of Team India which will be very embarrassing for Team India.

79 runs In the year 1978, Team India was able to score only 79 runs against Pakistan in Sialkot.

63 runs The team returned from the pavilion for the second time in 1981 against Australia at the Sydney Stadium, scoring just 63 runs.

This embarrassing record was set for the third time by the Sri Lankan team when the match was played between Sri Lanka and Team India in the year 1986.

78 runs This match was played in Kanpur. Where Team India went back from the pitch after scoring 78 runs.

100 runs in 1993, the name of Team India again made an embarrassing record. The team could only score 100 runs against the West Indies.

100 runs was the team's lowest score twice in the year 2000. The first score was 54 against Sri Lanka. Scored another 100 runs against Australia.

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