Snoring comes while sleeping, get rid of these yogasanas

Get rid of snoring while sleeping with these yogasana by ashish mishra 05 aug 2023 0545 pm

People often snore while sleeping. This disturbs the sleep of people sleeping next to it. Let us know which yoga asana should be done to avoid snoring.

Aggravation of stroke Snoring while sleeping increases the risk of sore throat. Apart from this, stroke can also be a problem.

Yogasanas Yogasanas should be done to avoid the problem of snoring. Due to this, the body also remains healthy and many types of diseases also stay away.

The muscles of the throat remain strong by doing the throne. Due to which there is no problem of snoring. Doing this daily gives relief from snoring.

By doing Bhujangasana, back pain is relieved. Apart from this, the problem of snoring also goes away. It also helps with breathing.

Bhramari Pranayama By doing this Yogasana, the mind gets peace. Apart from this, it is also helpful in keeping the throat good.

By doing Dhanurasana Dhanurasana strengthens the muscles of the stomach and back. It also provides relief from respiratory problems. Apart from this, the problem of snoring goes away.

Staying healthy Exercising is very important to stay healthy. This accelerates the activities of the body.

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