Rahul Vaidya

10 romantic photos of Rahul Vaidyadisha Parmar by deepali srivastava published august 12 2023 entertainment live hindustan

Disha Parmar is enjoying her pregnancy period these days. Her husband and actor Rahul Vaidya is fully supporting her. rahuldisha pair

Rahul Disha's pair is very cute and their love chemistry is also often seen in pictures. Both often keep sharing photos. cute couple

Loving and Caring Rahuldisha is a very loving and caring husband-wife for each other. Both support each other from career to personal things.

Couple often shares romantic and beautiful pictures on Instagram. Thousands of likes and comments of fans come on the photos of both. beautiful pictures

The love story of Rahul and Disha is also very special. There was no love between the two, but they became a pair through Instagram. pyari love story

Continuation of talks Taking advantage of the opportunity, Rahul quickly messaged Disha and from there the conversation between the two started.

Numbers were exchanged and then the date and place of the meeting was fixed. Disha and Rahul met for the first time in the year 2018 in Delhi.

The proposal then dated each other and in the year 2020, Rahul proposed Disha on the stage of the reality show in a special way.

Marriage On 16 July 2021, both of them married each other. His marriage also took place with great fanfare. Now the couple is about to become parents.

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