Putting such picture of horses can lead to pauper

By farhan khan 30 Jul 2023 1234 pm

Happy Life Many such rules and remedies have been mentioned in Vastu Shastra, by adopting which a person can lead a happy life.

Seven running horses One of these measures is considered to be a picture of seven running horses in the house.

Symbol of power According to Vastu Shastra, this picture is considered a symbol of speed, success and power.

Progress You must have seen them engaged in most of the homes or offices. Applying this at home gives progress.

Do not put this picture There are some rules regarding horses in Vastu Shastra, according to which the picture of such a horse should not be put in the house.

Different directions Never put a picture of such seven horses in the house, then they are running in different directions.

Seven horses The picture should never be less than or more than seven horses. Vastu defects arise from this.

Angry face There should not be such a picture of horses in the house at all, in which the face is seen to be angry.

Lonely horse The picture of a lonely horse should never be kept in the house. This increases the possibility of money loss to a great extent.

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