Pressure on Karan to marry a girlfriend 9 years younger? Speak

The pressure of marrying a girlfriend 9 years younger on Karan said, I will not be able to live life 24 august 2023 Photo source Instagram

When will lovebirds Karan Kundrra and Tejashwi Prakash get married, it has become a national topic. Every day fake alerts pop up on their wedding. When will Karan Tejashwi get married?

In the past, Karan Tejashwi had met Israeli consul general Kobbi Shoshani in Mumbai. Kobbi had described Tejashwi as Karan's wife in the post, after which the news of the couple's secret dating started coming.

Karan Kundrra has reacted in an interview on the continuous speculation of marriage with Tejashwi, the actor said that he cannot live life by taking the pressure of anything.

Karan said if I start taking pressure then I will not be able to handle things I am an artist and I am the one who has to take important decisions in life

I have to worry about many things except pressure I don't want to hurt anyone but if I take this pressure then I will not be able to live life

Karan Kundrra said on relationship with Tejashwi, I am so intelligent that I know when what should happen, we are happy and settled

Karan and Tejashwi were paired in Bigg Boss 15, they fell in love with each other in the show, their relationship continues even today.

The two hang out together and leave no stone unturned to spend time free from work. Their pairing is a fan favourite.

Couple keeps sharing their romantic photos on social media keeping marriage on backfoot Karan and Tejashwi are busy in their career

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