Oppenheimer Collection

The collection is called 100

Oppenheimer The fire of the famous film Oppenheimer is still intact at the box office.

Christopher Nolan This film is directed by Christopher Nolan. The sting of this film is ringing all over the world.

Earnings in India The film has so far managed to earn 100 crores in India alone.

Universal Pictures Universal Pictures, the production house of this film, has given a business update, according to which the film has earned more than 100 crores in India so far.

Biopic of American Scientist This biopic of American scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer was released on July 21 last and since then its charm has remained intact.

Why it's special Christopher always tries to come up with something new. This film is also similar.

What is the story Its story shows from the making of the first atomic bomb to its use.

VFX not used VFX is not used in the film. They have been shot in real which is really a big achievement.

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