Offer water to the sun with these mantras, problems will go away

Offer water to the sun with these mantras, problems will go away by ashish mishra 30 jul 2023 1000 am

Waking up early in the morning keeps the mind fresh. Many people wake up early in the morning and take a bath and offer water to the sun. Let us know with which mantras water should be offered to the Sun God.

Offering water to the Sun God in the morning brings energy to the body. Apart from this, prosperity comes in the house.

Luck rises in the morning when the sun rises, water should be offered. By doing this all problems end and luck rises.

Recitation of the Mantra In the morning, while offering water to the Sun, one should chant the mantra ‘Om Aditya Namah Mantra or Om Ghrini Suryaya Namah’.

While offering water to the sun, your face should be towards the east. Along with this, roli sandalwood and flowers should also be offered.

Time to offer water It is said that water should be offered within one hour of the sunrise. Apart from this, you can offer as per your wish.

Sun's day Worshiping Sun on Sunday is considered best. This day is the day of Sun God. Worshiping the Sun on this day removes all problems.

Marriage problem: If your marriage is getting delayed, then you should offer water to the sun every morning.

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