Not face scrub, these things will bring glow on the face!

Aug 21 2023 These things will bring glow on the face, not face scrub vanshika saxena

Curd Curd can prove to be very beneficial for your skin. Yogurt cleanses your skin. sourcepexels

How to apply Apply curd directly on your skin and wash your face after some time. You too will be impressed by the magical effect of curd. sourcepexels

Coffee Scrub Coffee is a natural scrub which you can mix with coconut and apply on the face. sourcepexels

Apply twice a week Rub this mixture on your skin in circular motion. By doing this twice a week, you can get the desired results. sourcepexels

Rose water The elements present in rose water act like a toner on your skin. Rose water can prove to be a good option for skin glow. sourcepexels

Use before sleeping You can apply rose water on your face with the help of cotton ball before sleeping at night. sourcepexels

Tomato Tomato can also prove to be helpful in bringing back the natural glow of the skin. sourcepexels

Skin will start glowing in a few days If you also apply these natural things on your face instead of expensive scrubs, then surely your skin will start glowing in a few days. sourcepexels

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