Netflix's top 7 web series, Kohra Hai No.

Netflix top 7 web series kohra hai number 1 by amrendra kumar yadav 07 Aug 2023 0149 pm

There are many great webseries available on the Netflix OTT platform Netflix. Out of these, we will talk about the top webseries.

Kohra, which came on July 15, is at the first place in the series. It is played by Barun Sobti and Suvinder Vicky.

The Witcher season is now in its third season. This is a drama film has 8 episodes.

King The Land This series was released on 13 July. You can watch this Korean web series in Hindi.

Baki Hanma This is a Japanese webseries. You can watch this series of 12 episodes in Hindi and English.

The Uncanny Counter is a Korean language web series consisting of 16 episodes. In this, counters fight evil spirits with their special powers.

Jujutsu Kaisen This is a Japanese animated web series. It tells the story of a high school student. It has 24 episodes.

Kat In this series, the story of Punjab's drug addiction is shown. This series by Randeep Hooda has 8 episodes.

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