National Film Awards 2023

Live hindustan entertainment national film awards rrr list

In the year 2022, director SS Rajamouli's film RRR was released in theaters in March. The film won the hearts of the audience. movie rrr instagram rrrfanclub

The film was a huge hit at the box office and also won the Academy Award. Now rrr's influence is also maintained in the National Film Awards. fast earning instagram rrrfanclub

The film rrr has won National Film Awards in several different categories. Let us show you the complete list. Awards in many categories instagram rrrfanclub

Kala Bhairava won the award for Best Male Playback Singer for the song komuram bheemudo from the film RRR. best male playback singer instagram jrntr

The film RRR has also won the award for Best Special Effects. best special effects instagram rrrfans

Film rrr choreographer Prem Rakshit has won the National Award for Choreography. best choreography instagram rrrfans

Strong action scenes were shown in the film. rrr has also won the Best Stunt Choreographer award. Nick Powell did the stunt choreography. stunt choreographer instagram rrrfans

The film rrr has also been given the National Award for best film for wholesome entertainment. This film is said to be a full entertainer. entertainer movie instagram rrrfans

Fans are very happy about the National Awards received by the film rrr. Director and actors are also congratulating each other. happy fans instagram jrntr

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