National Bone And Joint Day

National bone and joint day is celebrated on the 4th of august

4th August National Bones and Joint Day is celebrated in India every year on 4th August.

Purpose The purpose of celebrating it is to make the Indian people aware of the bones.

Indian Orthopedic Association It is celebrated every year by the Indian Orthopedic Association.

According to a report published in the year 2013 by the International Osteoporosis Foundation, about 80 percent of the people of the city are suffering from vitamin D deficiency.

Effect of age: As people grow older, their bones become weak, so it is necessary to take care of them.

Calcium-rich things Consume calcium-rich things to protect bones. For this, include milk curd and dry fruits in the diet.

Include protein rich foods in the diet. Consume spinach, bananas, beans, whole grains.

Exercise By doing regular exercise, the bone density remains strong and the muscles also remain strong.

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