Know the secrets of your personality through fist

Know the secrets of your personality through fist by farhan khan 29 jul 2023 0335 pm

Tying the fist According to Samudra Shastra, the way a person clenches his fist can tell many things about his behavior or future.

Thumb inward If a person keeps his thumb inward while making a fist and keeps all the fingers outward then he is very creative.

Intelligent at the same time he is also intelligent. Such a person completes his tasks well. This type of person mixes easily with people.

Keeping the index finger up If you keep the thumb above the index finger while making a fist, it means that you have the qualities of a leader since birth.

Brave At the same time you are also brave. Although you become nervous while doing some work, but ultimately you do that work well.

Due to this quality of yours, you create a different identity in your field of work.

Creative If you make a fist with all the fingers clenched, it shows that the person is creative.

Charming personality Your personality is very attractive due to which everyone gets drawn towards you. Also, such people are very honest and sensible.

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