Keep these things near your head while sleeping, there will never be shortage of money

Keep these things near the head while sleeping, there will never be shortage of money by ashish mishra 01 Aug 2023 1248 pm

Vastu Shastra In Vastu Shastra, each object has been told its different importance. Some people keep something or the other near their head while sleeping at night. Let us know which things are considered auspicious to keep near the head.

Attainment of wealth: According to Vastu Shastra, keeping some things across the head at the time of sleeping can remove financial difficulties. Apart from this, there is happiness in the house.

Green cardamom If you are unable to sleep, you can keep green cardamom near your head while sleeping. By doing this you will start getting deep sleep.

Garlic Keeping garlic under the pillow while sleeping at night brings positive energy in life. This keeps happiness in the house.

Coin If you are suffering from any disease for a long time, then you should keep the coin in the east direction across the head while sleeping. By doing this one gets rid of diseases quickly.

Fennel Keeping fennel under the pillow while sleeping is considered auspicious. By doing this, the Rahu defect present in your horoscope can be removed.

Knife If the child is scared while sleeping or is suddenly startled, a knife should be kept under his head. Due to this children get good sleep.

Lota filled with water According to Vastu Shastra, if health is bad, then while sleeping at night, a copper pot filled with water should be kept near the head. Put it on a tree in the morning.

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