Kareena, Kiara and these actresses wake up with a sip of tea

By pooja bajaj published aug 24 2023 live hindustan entertainment

Tea is the most favorite beverage of Indians. Here people's day is considered incomplete without tea. The name of our famous Bollywood actresses is also included in such tea lovers. Tea

Kareena Kapoor's morning is incomplete without tea. He likes to have tea with a hot breakfast. Apart from Kareena, let's know which Bollywood actress's morning is incomplete without tea. Kareena Kapoor

Tabu is also a tea lover. She can be seen enjoying her leisure time sipping tea in many of her Instagram posts. Tabu

Young actress Kiara Advani is also very fond of tea and coffee. A cup of tea is often seen in his food plate showcasing posts. kiara

Anushka Sharma loves to enjoy tea from different places on her holiday break. Anushka Sharma

Famous TV actress Divyanka Tripathi is also fond of tea. She posts gorgeous pictures of herself with a cup of tea. Divyanka

Bollywood celeb Mira Rajput is also a tea lover. Many pictures of him are seen while sipping tea. Mira Rajput

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