Job for 10 thousand, father's words changed Raftaar's life, now acting will be a coin?

Job for 10 thousand, father's words changed Raftaar's life, now he will earn money in acting 24 August 2023 Photo source Instagram

Raftaar is one such rapper and singer of Bollywood industry who has traveled from floor to sky, today Raftaar ki duniya deewani hai, after music, Raftaar's coin will be in acting.

But it was not easy for Raftaar to make a name in the world of rapping, he has worked hard to reach this point.

Raftaar had told in one of his old interviews that he became a rapper because of the support of his parents.

Recalling the days of Struggle, Raftaar had said that I wanted to do this since long but in the year 2006 I had to work as a salesman.

My salary was 10 thousand rupees and my father's salary was 12 thousand rupees, one day he took out 10 thousand rupees from his salary and put it under my pillow and said there is no need to go to the job, take your salary

My parents used to say, try your luck, if nothing happens, we will open a shop, we will not die of hunger.

That day I had thought that since he has given so much exemption from the front, then I will have to fight. Just after those few words of father, Raftaar's life changed.

Following his passion, he focused on rapping and today Raftaar has become the biggest rapper in the world.

As a rapper, Raftaar got recognition from his 2013 song Swag Mera Desi, apart from this he has sung songs like Baby Marwake Manegi Saare Karo Dub Main Wahi Hoon.

After rocking the world of singing, Raftaar is now going to make his debut in acting, Raftaar's musical comedy series Bajao is going to release on Jio Cinema on 25th August.

It will be interesting to see whether Raftaar succeeds in making his mark in acting like music or not.

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