Install these smart accessories in the car! Old car will also be advanced

Old vehicle will also become advanced by aaj tak auto Apply these smart accessories in your car

In today's time, new cars have also become like a smartphone, equipped with internet connectivity and state-of-the-art features, many such facilities are being provided in these cars, which are making your journey even more pleasant, comfortable and better.

Although these features are being provided by the company in new cars, but you can also make your old car advanced through smart gadgets. In the next slide, see those smart accessories that will change your driving experience.

Headup display has emerged as a very important feature in cars in today's time, you can buy hud after market or online, its price starts from Rs.3000 headup display

Magnetic mounts are very useful accessories to mount the smartphone on the dashboard of the car, you will get it only between 300 to 400 rupees magnatic mount

Car humidifier works to keep the environment inside your vehicle cool, comfortable and fresh. It is designed to add the right amount of moisture back into the atmosphere. It will cost you from Rs 600 to Rs 900. car humidifier

Dashcam gives you the facility of recording with high resolution images both outside and inside the car which proves to be very effective in emergency its price ranges from Rs 3000 to Rs 15000 according to different brands and quality car dashcam

Now you can include such smart gadgets in your car that connect you to Alexa and provide voice commands, so that you can control call navigation or music with one voice. Its price starts from around Rs 10,000. is voice command device

In terms of safety, this is a very useful and economical device, you can put it on the doors of your car, so that this light burns as soon as the door is opened and the person coming from behind or the driver gets a signal, its cost is around 500 Rs is door warning light

Visor organizer is also a very useful accessory, in this you can keep your sunglasses, pen, atm card and paper etc. safe in one place, because of being in front, its use is also very easy, its price is between 300 to 400 rupees.

Here we are talking about threeport charger, in this you get the facility to charge usb and usb type devices simultaneously, with this you can fast charge your smartphone and tablet etc. Its cost is around 5001000 rupees car charger

Blindspot mirrors are very useful for safe driving. In conventional mirrors, the driver is unable to see the vehicles or people who are right next to him, especially on turns, in such cases, blindspot mirrors provide better visibility. blind spot mirrors

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