If you consider yourself a genius, then find the cat hidden in the picture.

If you consider yourself a genius then find the hidden cat in the picture by farhan khan 30 jul 2023 1019 am

Optical Illusion Optical Illusion is a fun brain teaser solving which not only sharpens the brain but also sharpens the eyesight.

Confusing optical illusions are usually created to confuse the eyes and the mind.

A scavenger hunt is a type of picture or puzzle that often involves finding hidden objects.

Observation skills Many people also often solve optical illusions to increase concentration and observation skills.

Today's Illusion If you also want to test your brain and eyes, then today's illusion is for you.

Messy Spread Room In the picture you must be seeing a messy spread out room. A cat is also hidden in this picture.

Find the Cat You have to find the corresponding cat that is hidden in the picture. You have only 5 seconds for this.

Sharp minded It is not a matter of everyone to find this cat hidden among the toys in the picture, but the sharp minded cat will find it.

Red color mark Those who haven't found the cat yet can see the red color mark in the picture.

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