If there is no time to shampoo, then make these 9 hairstyles

Aug 16 2023 If there is no time to shampoo then make these 9 hairstyles arunima soni

Back Pony On bad hair days, make a messy pony like Alia and tie it with a silk rubber band. Your smart hairstyle is ready. sourcealiaabhattinstagram

Sticky hair of center parting If you want to make a hair style in greasy hair, then take out the middle parting and flatten it with a thin comb and set the hair with hair spray. sourcealiabhattinstagram

To be fair, the sleek bun looks amazing in oily hair, so next time when your hair is sticky and you want to go to a party, don't worry. sourcesaraalikhan95instagram

Messy Bun: Messy low bun can be made very easily in oily greasy hair and also looks smart. Accessorize the judo to look stunning. sourceananyapandeyinstagram

Sleek pony Saree suit jeans or dress Sleek pony like Ananya Pandey of center parting looks good with all kinds of outfits Try this kind of hairstyle on bad hair day. sourceananyapandeyinstagram

Face Framing Strands Remove the face framing strands, lift the hair from the back and tie it in a bun and secure the bun with a clutch. sourcesaraalikhan95instagram

If you do not like the flat look of micro braided oily hair, then after taking out the middle section, take some hair from both the sides and make two thin braids and secure them with pins. If you want, keep the remaining hair open and make a bun or pony. sourceinstagram

Classic High Bun The easiest hairstyle for oily hair High bun is also the most favorite hairstyle of summer. This type of hairstyle can also be carried on everything from saree to jeans. sourcedeepikapadukoneinstagram

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