'I will tell the makers...', the actress was surprised to hear the cab driver's request, Video

Main Bolungi actress was surprised to hear the cab driver's request to the makers video 24 August 2023 photo source social media

A cab driver made such a request to TV actress Shraddha Arya that she was surprised

The actress has shared its video on her Instagram handle, the video has been shot by Shraddha herself, in which the driver is seen speaking from the back side.

The driver said, Preeta didi, you keep crying in empty serials, we want to see you laughing once, please, it is our request.

Although the driver does not stop at this, he further says, I swear in the truth, it is not a lie.

Tell me one episode, what happened there, we will tell you what happened there, I have seen all the episodes, but in reality you keep on crying, madam.

Shraddha is also very happy after listening to the cab driver and says okay, now I will show you with a little smile.

Shraddha shared this video and told that all this happened while going for the shoot. In this video, she also tagged Ekta Kapoor.

Kundali Bhagya serial is airing on Zee TV since 6 years, this show produced by Ekta Kapoor is a favorite of the people.

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