'I cry everyday...' Why is Ishita worried after becoming a mother? Told how life is going

I cry everyday after becoming a mother, why is Ishita worried about how she is managing life? Instagram 24 Aug 2023

After becoming a mother, it is difficult for every woman to manage work and home, actress Ishita is also going through these difficulties these days, Ishita's life has changed.

After having a baby, I am also traveling, I am also active on social media, they are surprised how I am handling all this alone.

In a conversation with Times of India, reacting to the comments of the actress, she says that after becoming a mother, not a single day has gone by when tears have not come from my eyes.

I am scared about my son, I call the doctor everyday, I have become a mother for the first time.

Mother and husband are fully engaged in helping me but still I am not getting any time for myself

The time after delivery is very challenging. It's been a long time since I haven't bought clothes for myself. I am waiting to lose weight.

Please tell that Ishita Dutta and Vatsal Seth got married in 2017, after five years of marriage, a son was born in the couple's house.

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