How are Indian Muslims empowering themselves financially?

How Indian Muslims are making themselves financially strong Navbharat Gold Team Aug 26 2023

The Muslim youth are not expecting much from the Government of India and its institutions. image source bccl

They are not dependent on any political patronage, government aid and heavenly help. image source bccl

Trying to take maximum advantage of whatever opportunities are available in the open economy. image source bccl

​This section, which was infamous as unemployed Muslim youth, is now changing. image source Subscribe to bccl newsletter

It has transformed itself into a cluster of small entrepreneurs. image source

​Even if these enterprises are in low skill sectors. image source bccl

Many educated Muslim youths are running their own small enterprises these days. image source bccl

At the same time, women are also moving towards making professional career and financial independence. image source bccl

There is talk of backwardness of Muslims, why not learn about progress on Navbharat Gold. image source bccl click here

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