Happy hormone increases with these things, mood will be good

Happy hormone increases with these things mood will be good by ashish mishra 01 Aug 2023 1152 am

Happy Hormones To be healthy it is very important to be happy. The happier you are, the healthier your mind will be. Hormones are also responsible for this. Let's know which things increase the happy hormones by consuming them.

Stress Often people suffer from the problem of stress. In such a situation, you forget to be happy. There are many such things, by consuming which happiness remains intact.

Dark chocolate You can always eat dark chocolate to be happy. It keeps the mind calm and healthy by increasing the endorphin hormone.

Consumption of cloves Consuming 1 to 2 cloves daily increases the happy hormone. It develops dopamine hormone.

Avocado Avocado is a good source of vitamin B6. Serotonin hormone develops in the body by consuming it. It helps to be happy.

Green vegetables Consuming green leafy vegetables has many benefits for the body. Magnesium is found in it which can help in keeping the mind calm.

Tomatoes It is considered good to consume tomatoes to improve the happy hormone. It also helps in cleaning the blood in the body.

Nuts Nuts can be consumed to sharpen the mind. This strengthens the mind and gives energy to the body.

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