Hanging belly and wide waist are tight, so try these 9 reliable ways

Aug 3 2023 If hanging belly and wide waist are tight then try these 9 reliable ways arunima soni

Balanced diet If you want to reduce the hanging stomach as soon as possible, then it is very important to take a balanced diet including protein, fiber, minerals, green vegetables, lean protein. sourceistock

Portion control If you want to control the increasing fat of the belly and waist, then it is very important to control the portion means to eat only as much as you are hungry. Stop eating immediately as soon as you feel that your stomach is full. sourceistock

Drink plenty of water Drinking water not only quenches thirst, but drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water every day removes toxins from the body, reduces appetite, increases metabolism, which automatically avoids eating more. sourceistock

Regular exercise Exercising every day not only keeps the body agile, but also improves digestion, new muscles are formed by strength training, so that extra fat does not accumulate in the body. That's why take out at least 35 minutes for exercise every day. sourceistock

Target Exercise Include exercises in your workout routine that reduce belly fat, such as Plank Side Twist, Halasan Forward Bend. sourceistock

Minimize stress Stress triggers the production of the hormone cortisol in the body, which increases hunger and cravings. Do stress-reducing things such as meditation, meeting friends, laughing, and try some breathing exercises. sourceistock

Get enough sleep: Sleeping less or waking up late in the night leads to the habit of eating without hunger. Getting enough sleep can help with weight loss and fat burning. It is generally recommended to aim for at least seven hours of sleep every night. sourceistock

Try Intermittent Fasting Intermittent fasting is an easy way to burn fat with little effort by generally limiting the timing of meals. It is effective in reducing belly fat and is easier to follow as compared to other diet plans. sourceistock