Hair care routine for curly hair should be like this

Aug 12 2023 hair care routine for curly hair should be like this vanshika saxena

Do apply oil before hair wash if your hair is curly then do not forget to apply oil before hair wash otherwise your hair may become very dry. sourcepexels

Avoid repeated shampooing Avoid applying shampoo repeatedly on the hair. You can avoid using shampoo unless you feel the need to wash your hair. sourcepexels

Do not untangle hair with a comb Often people make the mistake of untangling curly hair with a comb. A comb should never be used on curly hair. sourcepexels

Washing hair with hot water is harmful You should not wash your hair with hot water. This can have a very bad effect on the health of your hair. sourcekanganaranautinstagram

It is important not to forget to use conditioner after conditioning shampoo. Conditioning is very important for curly hair. sourcepexels

Protect hair from the sun Protect your curly hair from the hot sun. Tie a scarf on your hair while going out during the day. sourcepexels

Take special care while sleeping Tie your hair with a loose rubber band while sleeping. Leaving your hair loose can ruin your natural curls. sourcepexels

Curly hair will remain healthy If you follow this hair care routine, then the health of your curly hair will remain strong. sourcepexels

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