great ways to get rid of body odor

Great ways to remove body odor by amrendra kumar yadav 07 Aug 2023 0210 pm

Excessive sweating in summer causes bad body odor due to which many times people have to face embarrassment.

Tips We will tell about some such tips which will be helpful in removing the bad smell coming from the body.

Don't wear it frequently, there is a lot of sweating in summer due to which the clothes get dirty. So try to wear the clothes more than once.

When choosing the right fabric, choose natural fabric clothes as they absorb sweat and do not stink.

Choose the right perfume that suits your body. Get perfumes that last long and keep smelling great.

Sulfur is found in eating junk food and spicy food. This causes body odor. So avoid junk food.

Vinegar Use vinegar to wash clothes. This will remove the smell coming from the clothes.

Rose water Use rose water to get relief from the bad smell of sweat. Keep it with you and keep pouring it from time to time.

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